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Lizards are fun and low-maintenance pets. But they still have some basic needs.

Diet The diet that your lizard requires depends on what type of lizard you have. Many types of lizards eat strictly leaves, flowers, vegetables, or fruits, while other lizards may eat insects, spiders, or mice.

Housing – Lizards can have very special needs for housing depending on what type of lizard you have. If it is a lizard that is from a tropical climate, then its housing needs to mimic the tropical temperatures and humidity. Subtropical climate lizards should have subtropical housing, etc. Humidity is very important in a lizard’s habitat. To know what the humidity levels are in your lizard’s habitat, you can get a hygrometer.

All debris, urine, etc., must be cleaned out of your lizard’s cage daily. Items such as these can cause health concerns, such as fungal or bacteria problems. If you scrub down the habitat completely every 2 weeks (recommended), use a 3% bleach solution. However, make sure there is no bleach smell left before returning yourlizard to the area.